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Primobolan Cycle Injection Steroids Methenolone Acetate For Bulking Primobolan

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Primobolan Cycle Injection Steroids Methenolone Acetate For Bulking Primobolan

Primobolan Cycle Injection Steroids Methenolone Acetate For Bulking Primobolan
Primobolan Cycle Injection Steroids Methenolone Acetate For Bulking Primobolan

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Turninabol Tablets
Certification: GMP
Model Number: CAS; 57773-63-4
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 box
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Packaging Details: Original Box
Delivery Time: 5-7 business days
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Bulking Cycle Function: Get Gains Fast
Primobolan Side Effects: Estrogenic, Androgenic, Testosterone Primobolan Effective Dose: (Men) 50-150mgs/day; (Women) 25-75mgs/day
Primobolan Price: Negotiable Place Of Origin: China
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Primobolan Cycle Injection Steroids Methenolone Acetate For Bulking Primobolan


Primobolan cycle for bulking reviews:


1. Methenolone acetate may be used to promote weight gain following severe trauma,

extensive surgery or chronic infection.
2. Methenolone acetate is also used to decrease the muscle loss caused by treatment with

3. Dosage: The dosage for men is somewhere in the range of 75-150mg daily.
Among women, Primobolan is one of the most popular steroids in use. At a dosage of 50-

75mg daily


Primobolan Depot, although with a weaker effect than Deca, is a good basic steroid with a predominantly anabolic effect and, depending on the goal, can be effectively combined with almost any steroids. Those who would like to gain mass rapidly and do not have Deca available, can use Primo-Depot together with Sustanon 250 and Dianabol. Those who have more patience, or are afraid of potential side effects will usually be very satisfied with a stack of Primobolan Depot 200 mg/week and Deca 200-400 mg/week. Primobolan Depot, is not converted into estrogen, however, low water retention can occur, which is the reason why during preparations for a competition the injections are usually preferred.

Side effects with Primobolan Depot are minimal and manifest themselves only rarely and in persons who are extremely sensitive. Due to the androgenic residual effect, side effects can include light acne, deep voice or increased hair growth. Primobolan Depot has even less influence on the liver function than the oral form so that an increase of the liver's toxin values is extremely unlikely. The blood pressure, cholesterol level, HDL and LDL values, as with Primo tablets, usually remain unaffected. Primobolan Depot is generally the safest injectable steroid.

Athletes whose liver values strongly increase when taking anabolic steroids but who still do not want to give up their use, under periodical supervision of these values, can go ahead and try a stack of Primobolan Depot, Deca and Andriol. Primobolan Depot, like the tablets, has only a very small influence on the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis so that the body's own testosterone production is only reduced when very high dosages are taken over a prolonged period of time.

Several female athletes inject 100-200 mg or more Primobolan Depot/ week. 100 mg Primobolan Depot/week, combined with 50 mg Winstrol Depot/week, is usually an effective stack for many women and is tolerated well so that virilization symptoms are rarely observed. To avoid an undesired accumulation of androgens in the body women should pay attention that there are three to four days in between the relative injections. For competing female athletes this stack, however, is too weak. Primobolan Depot is often used in a dose of 100 mg/week to bridge over steroid breaks which, in our opinion, is not a good idea: The non-stop use of anabolic steroids has a strong negative influence on the body's own testosterone production and prevents the body from normalizing its functions. Dosages as low as 100 mg Primobolan Depot/week or 50 mg Deca/week (also often used for bridging) are non-toxic and mostly have no side effects.

However, the effectiveness of such an intake must be strongly doubted since both compounds in this dosage are much too weak in order to effectively counter affect the catabolic phase which begins in the steroid phases. Better results can usually be obtained with Clenbuterol without influencing the hormone system. Those who believe that in the "steroid free time" they must still take some "stuff " to bridge the usages should inject the long acting Testosterone enanthate every two to three weeks.

We know now that Primbolan is a very versatile anabolic steroid so it can be used in a wide range of effective steroidal cycles. Due to it being a fairly weak androgen, with an excellent safety profile, Primobolan is best used as part of a cutting cycle. Primobolan can be used alone, as part of a bulking or cutting cycle, used by athletes to enhance performance and by experienced bodybuilders who want a steroid to help burn fat and maintain muscle tissue. The gains from Primobolan are at a slow pace, you won’t blow up like you do with Dianabol or Deca-Durabolin. We will now discuss how best to use a Primoblan cycle to suit your goals.

Although some Underground Labs (UGL’s) do stock legitimate Methenolone (Primobolan) products, they’re often underdosed or mixed with other anabolic steroids as raw Methenolone powder is so expensive to purchase. This means two things. Firstly, that we should look for side effects not associated with Primoblan cycle use. These are; gynecomastia, acne and water retention. And lastly, that we should choose (when given the option) legit pharmaceutical grade Primobolan (Schering) and spend the extra cash. This way, the risks are lower of using another compounds altogether, an under dosed product and a re-labelled product. Unfortunately, this often goes on and customers and Primobolan users are scammed and don’t use what they think they are due to its high price.

Primobolan Only cycle

Primobolan maybe one of the many steroids we have options of purchasing, but it is in a league of very few as it can be used alone. It’s a DHB derived steroid and is very closely similar to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this means that although it will inhibit natural testosterone production there is a good chance we won’t lose our sex drive (libido). DHT derived steroids can sometimes be run alone because they increase libido, energy levels, aggression and strength in the majority of users. This is contrary to when affects other steroid run alone do, such as Deca-Durabolin and Trenbolone.
It’s not suggested that Primobolan is used alone, but if you want to try injectables for the first time, or run your first cycle of steroids, then a Primbolan cycle used alone can be a viable option. We know that Primobolan is a relatively weak anabolic steroid and even more so when used alone. It’s also advised that we combine our Primbolan cycle with Proviron (Mesterolone). This is to again negate the possible side effects lowering natural testosterone may bring as it will suppress testosterone production in males, though slight.So what is an example of Primobolan only cycle?
ED – Every Day
WK – Week
PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

Wk 1-12 Primobolan Enanthate 400-500mg/wk
Wk 1-12 50-75mg/ED Proviron
*PCT starts 10 days after final Primobolan injection
Primbolan can be used at much higher doses of 800-1,000mg/wk of Enanthate or Acetate injected if the user is more experienced. If side effects begin to occur at these doses, and this is a possibility, then lower the dose considerably, or stop immediately.

Primobolan Cycle for Bulking


rimobolan is one of the mildest anabolic steroids in existence and for this reason it’s not optimal to be used as a bulking cycle, but in large doses is an effective compound when combined with other base steroids, such as, Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Propionate. The gains from a Primobolan cycle used for bulking are slow and steady, with little to no side effects even at high doses exceeding 500-75mg every week. No other steroid can claim that title in fact at those doses. Primobolan is better used for cutting stacks but can be used for lean gains in muscle tissue by those who are very susceptible to anabolic and androgenic side effects, like acne, gynecomastia, water retention and increased blood pressure and lipid problems.

We have discussed Primobolan use alone, but we also stated this is not optimal at all, so what happens when we combine Primobolan with other steroids, such as Testosterone and Dianabol. Simply put- we get more gains and more reductions in fat… But we also increase side effects. There is a certain synergy that occurs with anabolic steroids and Primobolan is the same as anything else when combined and multiple compounds are used. Because we use other steroids with Methenolone in a Primobolan cycle, we will also add in the relevant drugs to limit the side effets.

For bulking, primobolan needs to be dosed high and that’s unfortunate because of its price, so unless you have enough cash to run these doses, use cheaper other viable options, such as, Equipoise and Winstrol.

Example 1
Wk 1-12 Primobolan Enanthate 400-500mg/wk
Wk 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/wk
*Aromasin 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week

Example 2
Wk 1-16 Primobolan Enanthate 800mg/wk
Wk 1-16 Testosterone Cypionate 500mg/wk
Wk 1-5 Dianabol 30mg/ED
*Aromasin 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week

Example 3
Wk 1-8 Primobolan Acetate 150mg/EOD
Wk 1-8 Testosterone Propionate 100mg/EOD
Wk 1-5 Anadrol 50mg/ED
*Aromasin 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week

Cutting Primobolan Cycle

This is where Pirmobolan really comes into its own – cutting. Primobolan is best suited for this role when used. It will give the user the ability to maintain muscle mass when calories are cut below maintenance and help burn excess fat in the most difficult of areas, such as, abdominal and buttocks region. It’s a hardening agent that will mean razor sharp lines and granite feel to the muscle if a strict diet and cardio regime is followed to reduce body fat percentage. Just like the examples above, Primobolan is best used when combined with other anabolic steroids. Because anabolic steroids work via varied mechanisms of action and multiple pathways we often use more than one but with a base or back bone of Testosterone used for additional gains and to limit side effects associated when using steroids alone.

We can use the long acting Primobolan Enanthate (Primobolan Depot) version, short acting Primobolan Acetate or oral form for cutting, but some are more effective than others. In reality, Primobolan is… Primobolan, so it shouldn’t matter which is used. However, from a cost point of view, goals and length of use, this can change which Primobolan version is best used. Primobolan isn’t that orally active, but offers benefits over other oral steroids as it does not have the 17-alph-alkylated alteration and will not push up liver values. So does that mean it’s a good choice for a Primobolan cycle geared towards cutting? Well, not really. The doses you would require are so high, it does not make sense from a cost stand point. So what about Primobolan Acetate? Yes, this is a good option if we don’t mind the frequent injections and would go well with Testosterone Propionate (low water retention) and same injection frequency administration. Primobolan Enanthate? Yes, this is the best option we have in my opinion. This is because we can use it with another longer acting anabolic steroid, like Testosterone Enanthate and the twice per week injection frequency will remain. Examples of Primobolan cutting cycles are below contained each available format of Primobolan.

Example 1
Wk 1-12 Primbolan Enathate 400mg/wk
Wk 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 400mg/wk
Wk 8-12 Winstrol 50mg/ED
*Aromasin 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week

Example 2
Wk 1-10 Primobolan Acetate 100mg/ED
Wk 1-10 Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ED
Wk 1-10 Masteron Propionate 100mg/ED
*Aromaisn 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week

Example 3
Wk 1-8 Primobolan Acetate (oral) 150mg/ED
Wk 1-8 Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ED
Wk 1-8 Trenbolone Acetate 50mg/ED
*Aromaisn 10mg/ED
*HCG 500ius 2x week
*Cabergolone on hand

Female Primobolan Cycle

Females using steroids is a tricky subject because many of the side effects are unfortunately permanent. Yes, the user will get large gains in muscle mass and excellent reduction in body fat when using anabolic steroids but this can often come with a price. Women’s bodies are a lot more sensitive to hormonal changes and steroid use and steroid abuse in general than males. Their bodies can react to both anabolic and androgenic steroids and experience some nasty long lasting side effects. What am I referring to? Virilisation. This is when the female user will undergo some dramatic changes if the steroid is abused or used for an extended period. Changes in vocal chords (deepening), acne, growth of body hair in male areas (back, facial hair), enlargement of sexual organs and water retention. There are some anabolic steroids women can use though and not experience any of these nasty side effects, but in the correct doses and for a limited time.

Primobolan is one of very few women can use and not experience side effects when dosed correctly. Primobolan, Anavar and low doses of Winstrol are good viable options when women are wishing to take their physique to the next level.

Example 1
Wk 1-8 Primobolan Enathate 100mg/wk

Example 2
Wk 1-8 Primobolan Acetate 25mg/ED
Wk 1-8 Anavar 10mg/ED

Example 3
Wk 1-6 Primobolan Acetate (oral) 20-30mg/ED
Wk 1-6 Anavar 10mg/ED
Wk 1-24 HGH 2ius/ED

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